Network.connection from network plugin not working

Hi. I’m trying to check my concection type with cordova-plugin-network-information.

The docs says to use Network.type but the editor says this property doesn’t exists, and with Network.connection (whose discription says it returns a string with the internet type) always returns undefined.

Is there a workaround? something to do? Here is the piece of code i’m using:

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public storage: Storage, public navP: NavParams, public platform: Platform, public alerts: AlertController) {
    //observable para disconnect
    Network.onDisconnect().subscribe(() => {
        this.conectado = false;

    //observable para conect
    Network.onConnect().subscribe(() => {
        this.conectado = true;

Thanks in advance

ok so i updated ionic native and now i can access .type
but it’s returning an object, not a string, any ideas?

Hi GabrielBarreto, could you did it? I need to know if there ir network connection to do some things, else do other things…


how did you update ionic native? I’m facing some dependency issues while trying to update…

Network is still undefined inside the constructor! Try defining Network @GabrielBarreto