Network change not detected from cellular to wifi or vice versa

Hello there,

Trying to use Capacitor network plugin in a website to detect connection type.
So first tried it with a test project, index.html with a JS file.

import {Network} from ‘@capacitor/network’;

const log = document.querySelector(’#log’);

Network.addListener(‘networkStatusChange’, status => {
console.log(‘Network status changed’, status);

log.innerHTML += `Network status changed:<br />Connected: ${status.connected === true ? 'connected' : 'offline'} <br />Type: ${status.connectionType}<br /><hr />`;


const logCurrentNetworkStatus = async () => {
const status = await Network.getStatus();

console.log('init of network status', status);

log.innerHTML += `Network status onload:<br />Connected: ${status.connected === true ? 'connected' : 'offline'} <br />Type: ${status.connectionType}<br /><hr />`;


window.document.addEventListener(“DOMContentLoaded”, async function (event) {
log.innerHTML = DOMContentLoaded<br />;



When going with my phone to the page, it shows the connection type correct (wifi or cellular). Changing to another connection (wifi > cellular or cellular > wifi) and the innerHTML does not get updated. In Chrome using the throttle in dev tools, it’s also not working.
But when you do (in Chrome) Wifi > Offline > 3g or 3g > offline > Wifi then it works.
I would like to detect also the wifi to 3g (cellular) or 3g to wifi change