Nesting ion-nav-view results in unexpected nav bar title behaviors?

Hi All,
I’m experiencing some unexpected behaviors when nesting ion-nav-view elements.
consider this structure:


This works well. However, if I nest a 2nd ion-nav-view inside this structure, I would expect the nav bar at the top to keep displaying the same title. The results works except there seems to be some kind of “race” between the two ion-nav-view to control the nav bar tite, with the winner alternating between the parent and child ion-nav-view on different navigation scenarios.

To overcome this, I tried to nest a ui-view div instead of ion-nav-view. This fixes the nav bar title problem, but then I lose the animation effect I get with ion-nav-view. trying to recreate the nested view animation the angularUI way doesn’t work.

Any help would be appriciated :slight_smile: