Nested Swipers ( Swiper)

hello community

I would like to create a nested swiper but I am unsure how to go about doing this in the ionic framework with angular js. The documentation stated that you should use the following html and javascript code to get a nested idangerous swiper

<   !DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>Swiper demo</title>
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">

    <!-- Link Swiper's CSS -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="../dist/css/swiper.min.css">

    <!-- Demo styles -->
    html, body {
        position: relative;
        height: 100%;
    body {
        background: #eee;
        font-family: Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
        font-size: 14px;
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;
    .swiper-container {
        width: 100%;
        height: 100%;
    .swiper-slide {
        text-align: center;
        font-size: 18px;
        background: #fff;
        /* Center slide text vertically */
        display: -webkit-box;
        display: -ms-flexbox;
        display: -webkit-flex;
        display: flex;
        -webkit-box-pack: center;
        -ms-flex-pack: center;
        -webkit-justify-content: center;
        justify-content: center;
        -webkit-box-align: center;
        -ms-flex-align: center;
        -webkit-align-items: center;
        align-items: center;
    .swiper-container-v {
        background: #eee;
    <!-- Swiper -->
    <div class="swiper-container swiper-container-h">
        <div class="swiper-wrapper">
            <div class="swiper-slide">Horizontal Slide 1</div>
            <div class="swiper-slide">
                <div class="swiper-container swiper-container-v">
                    <div class="swiper-wrapper">
                        <div class="swiper-slide">Vertical Slide 1</div>
                        <div class="swiper-slide">Vertical Slide 2</div>
                        <div class="swiper-slide">Vertical Slide 3</div>
                        <div class="swiper-slide">Vertical Slide 4</div>
                        <div class="swiper-slide">Vertical Slide 5</div>
                    <div class="swiper-pagination swiper-pagination-v"></div>
            <div class="swiper-slide">Horizontal Slide 3</div>
            <div class="swiper-slide">Horizontal Slide 4</div>
        <!-- Add Pagination -->
        <div class="swiper-pagination swiper-pagination-h"></div>

    <!-- Swiper JS -->
    <script src="../dist/js/swiper.min.js"></script>

    <!-- Initialize Swiper -->
    var swiperH = new Swiper('.swiper-container-h', {
        pagination: '.swiper-pagination-h',
        paginationClickable: true,
        spaceBetween: 50
    var swiperV = new Swiper('.swiper-container-v', {
        pagination: '.swiper-pagination-v',
        paginationClickable: true,
        direction: 'vertical',
        spaceBetween: 50

Im just providing the who example so it makes sense. Does anyone know how to make put the javascript into an angular js ionic form so that it works with ion slides?