Nested lists showing weird results

Here is my nested listed codes

 <div ng-repeat="sche in[0].sche">
                            <p><a class="" href="">{{}}</a></p>
                            <div ng-repeat="time in sche.times">
                            <!-- {{ $last ? '':  ', ' }}
                              {{$last ? ',' : ($index==sche.times.length-2) ? ' and ' : ', '}} 
                            </div> shows “monday”, tuesday etc. and below the day, there are time periods e.g. 10-11 AM and so on, list displays well however, if I use “button” class with at line no. 2 like


, I can see multiple button (one each with every {{time}} , I do not know why outer list is repeated equivalent to the number of schedules per day. suppose, Monday having 3 time schedule then button of Monday shown 3 times instead of one.