Nested ion-tabs problems

Hey there,

I seem to have an issue regarding nesting tabs in Ionic 2. I have an app wide ion-tabs along the bottom of the app view. Then within a couple of the 5 tab root options (2 to be precise) have ion-tabs within these templates. They work well initially, but when a few ion-tab buttons are clicked, the tabbars can begin to sporadically “hide” themselves. All root components are different and the naming conventions for the [root] attributes are unique, so there should not be any cross issues here.

If I break out developer tools and change one piece of css, no matter how irrelevant it is, it will reappear.

The 3 tab bars I have app wide seem to have ill-effects on one another. Is there anyway I can make the tabs behaviour independent?

Thanks in advance!


Last I looked into this, nested tabs weren’t supported. Can you do what you’re trying to do with segment buttons?