Need to remove deprecated warning in xcode when build with ios target 8 or later

Need to remove deprecated warning in Xcode when built with IOS target 8 or later.
mostly warnings are when using plugins social sharing, push plugins and inappBroswer.

Why do you have to get rid of them?

But: You can fork all plugins, fix their code, and then use your own forks. Please submit PRs to the original plugins though.
Same for Cordova-iOS itself - but this will probably be a lot more work.

I don’t want to get rid of them, actually, i don’t have enough setup right now. however, I found the issue, so I share it here. probably you guys may work on these

What issue? These warnings are there for a reason - the plugins currently use deprecated code. This is normal.

yes, these warning is due to plugins which used deprecated objective-c library functions

And what is the actual problem with that?

If you want the plugins to remove these warnings, you will have to create issues on their Github repos.
(But as I said, warnings because of deprecations are nothing bad and normal)

people already reported warning on Github but they didn’t update it yet. problem is that if we don’t remove warning than the actual functionality of the plugins will be disturbed on the latest version.

it will be better to help on these plugins to stronger the PhoneGap platform.

Does anything actually break on the newest betas of the supported platforms?[quote=“atif, post:8, topic:99787, full:true”]
it will be better to help on these plugins to stronger the PhoneGap platform.

Yes, and what should the Ionic community forum do about that?

As I said: You can fork the plugins and fix the problems yourself if there are actual problems.

yes, when we deploy the build on IOS latest version. the app is unable to receive notification in IOS 9 while we received in ios 8. the ionic community can provide some alternative to this or fixed some deprecated issue in separate forks.

This sounds more like a problem with one specific plugin, not a deprecation problem.

Please open a new topic with your specific problem. Include the error message, what exactly you did and your ionic info output.