Need to access DOM to refresh shrunk graph

Using a 3rd party graph package that is not honoring the below CSS if a modal is ever displayed in another tab.

.chart { height: 100%; width: 100%; position:absolute; }

i.e. the chart shrinks when the chart tab is moved back to when a modal was previously displayed in another tab.

Using the below DOM query to access the graph. OK know this is undesirable to access the DOM. However under a time constraint and cannot wait for a fix from the 3rd party and prefer not to restart with another charting package given the time constraint. Need to do something to resolve this issue in the short term.

How can a resize or set size be applied to the displayed graph using ionic.DomUtil ?

var gr = angular.element(document.querySelector(’#graphId’));
var gr2 = gr[0]; // gr2 is div#graphId.graphchart