Need Suggestion Regarding Ionic app Localisation strategies

I working Ionic project in latest framework. basically there requirement like to implement different localisation. the application same but appicon, splash screen and few label in application only changes remaining application is same. if i change in global solution remaining localisation would also effected accordingly.

my question here is how can achieve this in a simplified manner(need suggestions) ?.

Depends on what framework you’re using Ionic with. For Angular, I’d recommend reading this.

In order to translate an Ionic Vue app, use Vue I18n (the beta version, since the current stable version doesn’t seem to support Vue 3).

actually i used ngx-translate for localisation. but here is thing i need every localisation is separate app with different icon, splash screen and app name. we just need to change localisation json file name and language type Left to Right manually. then all localisation becoming different project if i need to integrate new feature need to change every localisation individually. for that i need a solution like global configuration settings or we can manage changes for localisation separately in git.

i am looking something like this. please help me with this.