Need help with template and json

I have this json structure:

As you can see the products are listet with numbers ([1]-[20]) following more data about the item.

How can I now render this into a template?

Actually I have:

<ion-item class="product-card" ng-repeat="product in products"  ng-click="openDetail(">

But {{product.brand}} for example is not working because I need {{product[n].brand}}.
Can I use some count function?
Or how can I render this structure?

From what I can see in your json structure is that in order for ng-repeat to work you need an array of objects to iterate over. At the moment your data is an object of nested objects.

How come you have each object nested, compared to just having normal objects with an id property?

Working CodePen -

Basic concept using your data

<ion-content has-header="true" padding="true">
    <li class="item" ng-repeat="(id, data) in products">
      <p>{{data.ean}}: {{data.brand}}</p>

That worked @aaronksaunders! Thanks!