Need help in setup `ion-nav-view` inside ionic modal

I am bit new to ionic development.

I am using ionic’s default sidemenu template.

I want to create navigation flow inside modal. Modal is intended to use for login. And login page linked with forgot password and signup page through navigation.

What I have done so far is,

Modified app.js stateprovider and added some new routes. I am partially succeeded in it but when $state.go('loginnav.login'); that code executes I got login view embedded in my app/main navigation flow not inside modal’s navigation flow.

Issue : I am not able to give navigation flow inside login Modal.

Any help would be greatly apprecieated.


.state('loginnav', {
	url: '/loginnav',
	abstract: true,
	templateUrl: 'templates/loginnav.html',

.state('loginnav.login', {
	url: '/login',
	views: {
	'logContent': {
		templateUrl: 'templates/login.html'

.state('loginnav.signup', {
	url: '/signup',
	views: {
	'logContent': {
		templateUrl: 'templates/signup.html'


<ion-nav-view name="logContent" ng-controller="LoginNavCtrl"></ion-nav-view>

controller.js -> AppCtrl

// Create the login modal that we will use later
$ionicModal.fromTemplateUrl('templates/loginnav.html', {
scope: $scope
}).then(function(modal) {
$scope.modal = modal;

controller.js -> LoginNavCtrl


So this isn’t possible currently with ionic v1. It’s a limitation of how urls and routing are tied together.