Need help creating an ionic native wrapper for the cordova websocket server plugin

I have a problem finishing a cordova wrapper for my ionic project.
I’m trying to create a ionic native wrapper for the following cordova plugin:
I used the docs of the ionic native github project to get this done:

The getInterfaces function already works so far.

The vanilla example from the cordova plugin doc:

wsserver.getInterfaces(function (result) {

my current ionic native wrapper for this looks like this:

@Cordova() getInterfaces(): Promise < any > { return; }

and I can use it in my project in this way:

this.webSocketServer.getInterfaces().then((result) => {
}).catch(() => {
    // Error!

But I got some trouble creating a more extended version of the wrapper for the start function, here are another example of the vanilla version:

this.wsserver.start(3001, {
    onStart: function (addr, port) {
    // WebSocket Server handlers
    'onFailure': function (addr, port, reason) {
        console.log('Stopped listening on %s:%d. Reason: %s', addr, port, reason);
    // WebSocket Connection handlers
    'onOpen': function (conn) {
        console.log('A user connected from %s', conn.remoteAddr);
    // WebSocket Message handlers
    'onMessage': function (conn, msg) {
        console.log(conn, msg);

So that’s my problem I’m a little bit lost on both things:

any help is really appreciated :slight_smile: thanks in advance!