NavigationHistory going crazy after going to non-tab state

Step to reproduce:

  1. Define some tab as default state(home)
  2. $state.go("non-tab-state") - go to some non-tab state
  3. $state.go("tab.home") - go back to tabbed-state
  4. inside the tab, surf to some inner page… (click the button)
  5. Back-Button is missing (ng-hide)


@AlmogBaku were you able to solve this issue?

Currently I am in version 1.0.0-beta.13, near to a project milestone it will very risky to update to the latest ionic version just to check if this was solved there.

I am facing a very similar problem coming from a non-tab view (sign-in view) to a tab view.
Once the user sign-in the app go to the home tab, if the user click a button inside the home tab view the child view inside the same tab gets no back button. This only happen when coming from the sing-in view which is a non-tabbed view.