Navigation history manipulation

Hi guys!
I a question for you.
Is there a way to manipulate history?

I have states configured as follow:
master -> state where list of items is defined
master.details -> state where details of selected item are defined
operations -> state where I can execute further actions on selected items (it has no parent state)

The history, as supposed to do, register every view change.
I can select an item, view the details and go to operation state. Clicking on back button, it works good.
My problem is that I want to include in the history only the last selected item details, and not every item I select, in order to not go back through each selected item.

This is an example of state navigation
home -> master -> master.details{id: 1} -> master.details{id: 2} -> operations

Now the back button chain is
oprations -> master.details{id: 2} -> master.details{id: 1} -> master -> home

But I need it to be
oprations -> master.details{id: 2} -> master -> home
(including only the last master.details state and excluding the others before)

Is there a way to do that?

Thank you