Navigation doesn't work (back button and animation) with abstract view


My app have some views that share same prefix url or share some data, And therefore I’m using abstract states.

The views under an abstract state doesn’t get the back button and doesn’t switch with animation.
Here is a codepen for demonstration:

if I remove the abstract blah state everything works fine.



Hi @idanwe I made this Pen to try help you

See that, using an Abstract view, you need to put a ion-nav-view inside your abstract view… With a name.

In the JavaScript on line 14, I use the name of the ion-nav-view (inside of my abstract view) to specify where I want my template to be rendered.

I hope the demo be more useful than my explanation here kkk my English is very bad… :s


@felquis It’s work fine

But, This way I lose the global <ion-nav-bar>, that I need to use with some other states that doesn’t under the abstract state.

I have register flow: login, activate, profile and them it shows the list and it possible to navigate to new or item that all this 3 should be under abstract state