Navigation between tabs when using SlideBox

I have an app with 2 tabs and one of the tab has a slidebox.

When I navigate to other tab, do other actions on it and then when I return to the tab with slidebox, the slidebox does not show immediately. It takes some time to show up. And in some cases, it never shows up too.

This is really strange and not sure why its happening.

Any guess?

NOTE: I am dynamically getting images from remote server and adding them to slidebox by using slide box delegate’s update() function

Someone please help me to complete my app.

This is the code I have in slidebox. This content is not shown after few navigations across different pages and tabs.

<ion-slide-box show-pager="false" on-slide-changed="slideChanged($index)">
    <ion-slide ng-repeat="item in dataItems">

Sorry. Just a correction. Issue is reproducable even in browser.

When the popover is shown, the home page does not show show the slidebox.

When I make any small changes to the browser window size, slidebox appears. :frowning:

@mhartington : As an expert, you might have seen this issue often. Any help is appreciated.

Call this on the view with the slidebox

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Thanks again @mhartington.

you again saved my life :smiley:

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