Navigation Back to ionic App URL with Data


Hey Guyz,
I am really big fan of ionic and cordova apps, I have already developed couple of apps successfully :blush:

Right now, I am facing a trouble of navigating between pages and with communicating with Data.

For Example, we are having ionic applicationā€¦ and thereā€™s one more page I have created out of this application to run the SCORM courseā€¦ page called ā€œscormWrapper.htmlā€ā€¦ I redirect user to scormwrapper.html page with course related path and parameters. I get SCORM data on that pageā€¦ which I want to take data and come back to ionicā€™s one particular state. This is not happening right now.

I am opening scormWrapper in onlyā€¦ using ā€œwindow.location.hrefā€ā€¦ and this is also because I am decrypting stuff/resources on the go from native. It works as I have already completed this partā€¦

Problem isā€¦ I want to go back with scormdata to ionic app, to store data in sqlite databaseā€¦ and open particular screen for success message.

Please help me out with this guyz

Thanks a lot