Navigating to another state makes back button disappear


Hello, this problem is present since i started using ionic a few months ago.

So, that’s what i have:

A right sidemenu
The content of that sidemenu is a tabbed view

If you navigate to another state, from let’s say

sidemenu_tabs.tab1 -> other_state

The back button doesen’t appear.

To explain better

  • state1
  • state2
  • menu
  • tab1
  • tab2
  • tab3
  • tab4

Navigating from tabX (1,2,3,4) to state 1 or state 2 hides the back button (and no switching animation is played).

Thank you,


It seems to me that this is the documented behavior of tabs history


This is would force the back button to appear, you should place it into your tab controller:

$scope.$on('$ionicView.beforeEnter', function (event, viewData) {
    viewData.enableBack = true;


Thanks it worked after i’ve put it in the incriminated controller (where i was switching to) instead of the tab controller!

Thumbs up!