Navigate to anchor


I can’t manage to navigate to an other page and scroll to an anchor.

I tried two ways:

1. Anchor and fragment:
I set id={{}} to all the elements then I navigate with the angular router with the option : “fragement:”

2. content.scrollTo
Then I try to force the scroll with a ViewChild on the content, getElementbyId on my item and get back the offsetTop.
But the offsetTop is always at 0 so I can’t scrollTo(0, offsetTop) …

I try different ways, search the net but nothing.
I can show some code if required.


No one on this one ?
I just want to navigate to an other page and scroll to a specific position on the page.

I finally got the answer ! :sunglasses:

Ok I was on the right tracks here, to navigate from one page to anther and scroll to an element here is what you need:

We have to pages: Page1 and Page2

When we click on the photo number 4 we want to navigate to page 2 and scroll to the photo number 4.

  1. The Anchor <Page 2>

First thing put an Id on the elements your are listing and on which you want to be able to scroll to.
Be careful to set the elements inside a ion-content element (required to scroll)

   <ion-row id="post_{{}}" *ngFor="let post of posts" class="ion-padding-vertical ion-align-items-center" >
      // some elements
     <img src={{post.photourl}}/>
  1. The Link <Page 1>

Add the redirection link to each photo on the page1, using a function instead of routerLink seems easier for me.


<ion-col size="4" *ngFor="let post of posts" (click)="navigateTo(">
   <img class="gridPhoto" [src]="doms.bypassSecurityTrustUrl(post.photourl)" />


navigateTo(postid) {
    const navigationExtras: NavigationExtras = {
      fragment: postid
    this.navCtrl.navigateForward(['page2'], navigationExtras);

Sending a fragment with the NavController is like adding to the URL #id_of_the_anchor.

  1. Receive the fragment and scroll to the element

Best to put it in ionViewDidEnter to scroll only once the page is loaded

import {ActivatedRoute, Router} from '@angular/router';

@ViewChild(IonContent, null) content: IonContent;

constructor(private route: ActivatedRoute,...) {}

ionViewDidEnter() {
    this.route.fragment.subscribe( (qfragment) => {
      const anchor = document.getElementById('post_' + qfragment);

     // USE ONLY geBoundingClientRect() 
      this.content.scrollByPoint(0, anchor.getBoundingClientRect().top, 0);

  • So we set the content variable first with @ViewChild, it’s require to scroll.
  • We use the route to get the fragment sended with the url
  • We get the element by his ID
  • We get his position with the function getBoundingClientRect()
    • The trick was here, before I tried with the parameter offsetTop of the element but it doesn’t work anymore (don’t really known why) I could only get 0 as value. With getBoundingClientRect() we got the actual distance from the element to the top.
  • We scroll to that position with the Content element this.content.scrollByPoint()

Hope it’s help !