Navigate and refresh page ionic 3

Hi everyone,

here’s my pages
C is a list of odrers
D is “adding new order”
i used > this.navCtrl.pop() to navigate from D-> C after confirming new order and hit the back button.
but the new order does not appear only if i refresh C page.
so how can i make it done ?
Any suggestions please ?

Job’s done with Events !

Not that you need care about my opinion, but I never liked Ionic’s Events. They compromise type safety and offer zero protection against stupid typos, because they use strings for dispatch.

I would instead do this using Observables in a mutually injected service. Both C and D inject the same service, and D calls a method that results in an emission from an Observable in that service. C subscribes and will receive the update naturally, and in a type-safe manner.

Also, that strategy will work on modern codebases. Events died a while ago.