NavController doesn't work in Ionic 4


I’m injecting NavController in my constructor as I want to push a page. But, below code doesn’t work in Ionic 4. It was totally okay in Ionic 3.

constructor(public menuCtrl: MenuController, public navCtrl: NavController) {

ngOnInit() {


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Yes, it works. But, there is no back button in the navigation bar. Is there any way to create backButton in Navbar.


but at the Push method in ionic 3, back button creates automatically and follow a stack! This is not possible in Ionic 4?


Exactly, not possible, as described in the documentation


So, how can I add back button in Navbar. But, at the documentation shows the back button in there emulator. But, nothing says about these in there article!


First navbar doesn’t exist in v4, only toolbar

Then as described in the doc or in the second link Ionic 4 Back Button (Angular) that should work