NavController doesn't push and returns property error


I have a simple page to show a list of items. When I click on an item, it triggers pushItemPage(folder) I would get EXCEPTION: TypeError: Cannot set property 'lastInBinding' of undefined error. Both console.log() statements were executed, but navController doesn’t push the LoginPage.

I’m using 2.0.0-beta.0 right now. I looked at the ionic-conference-app and didn’t seem much difference other than the fact that the conference app is using alpha 57. So I don’t really know what causes the problem.


    <ion-navbar *navbar>

    <ion-content class="folder">
        <ion-item-sliding *ngFor="#folder of folders" #slidingItem>
          <ion-item (click)="pushItemPage(folder)">
            {{ }}
            <button primary (click)="presentRenameFolderPrompt(folder, slidingItem)">Rename</button>
            <button danger (click)="presentDeleteFolderPrompt(folder, slidingItem)">Delete</button>


pushItemPage(folder) {
    console.log('You click on a folder:');
    this._navController.push(ItemPage, { folder: folder });


Did you found any solution for this. Facing similar issue now.