NavBar button styleing lost

I want to embed a button in the navbar in the same style as the back button/menu toggle. Embedded, no border, icon only; that sort of thing. It works fine online but on android devices (huawei Android: 6.0, moto-g Android: 7.0) it’s styled like a regular button.

  <ion-navbar no-border>
    <button ion-button>
      <ion-icon name="arrow-dropdown"></ion-icon>

The top image shows how it looks on the phones. The bottom image is how it looks with menuToggle added to the button element.

What happens if you wrap <button> in <ion-buttons start>?

Wrapping ion-buttons around it certainly helps. It ended up on the right of the navbar though. So I added left to it and ended up with the second image below. It’s still not the same style as the menuToggle would be. Is it necessary to match up each attribute individually? As in padding, margin, border etc. or is there a directive to make it appear like an ion navigation button?