Nav view back button not showing

Hello, I’m trying to use the tabbedSlideBox but I want to have some navigation inside each slide (user clicks on a link and it displays new content).
My interface works fine, I can use ui-sref to navigate to another state uptading the current view, but the problem is that the back button is not shown. What are the requisites? The view changes, the state changes, the URL changes… why the button is not showing up?

Thanks in advance


Do you have separate files for each tab? Cause if it is, try to delete the from the ‘main’ file and copy and paste inside each tab…see if it’s works

No, I don’t. I have each template inlined for testing purposes.

That looks like my issue: Back button not showing when coming from nested pages (tabs)
Still haven’t found a solution to it…

I might have the same problem on android. My app worked before rc0 I think. Since then I don’t have the back icon, when I click in the tiny corner it still works(after a few tries) AND in the browser there is no problem at all, the parent page is shown as text title and when clicked navigates back as planned.

UPDATE: ok apparently my old nav-back-button had some classes that didn’t work with the new version
after replaceing it with


everything seems to be fine again, I have the back button arrow of android