Nav controller remove with modal

Hello. I have the following scenario and seems to me that navController.remove not working as wanted:

Tabs Page(home) -> push(Second Page) -> present.modal -> push(thirdPage)

So I am navigating from tab (home) page to the second page, then presenting modal with some input options, then pushing to the third page and then I want to go back to the home page after click on cancel button. I was trying with this.navController.remove(index - 1); but in any cases I was only able to go back to the second page not the tabs page(home). Thank you very much for any suggestion.

Try NavController.first()?


Tried, not working - nothing happens when this.nav.first(); And console is also showing nothing. I also checked on second page to go back to the home page -> this.nav.pop(); works but this.nav.first(); not, nothing happens. My version is rc1.

Is there any working example of using this.nav.first()?