Nav-bar disappears in ios9+ browser app when in landscape

Hi everyone

I’ve a problem with a nav-bar ionic browser web-app (not native). As the title suggests, the issue is with rotation on an iPhone but only for iOS 9 and up it seems.

Hopefully you can see from the attached screens the issue; when in portrait the site looks fine and one can see the nav bar at the top and the address bar above it. However, rotating the device causes the nav bar to disappear. I also have a pull-to-refresh component in the page and this still functions as one might expect so the only element that appears to be getting removed or being hidden by UI is the nav bar itself.

I’ve checked the code underneath in the inspector and can not see any settings being applied the might suggest it’s Ionic doing something, so I can only assume it’s specifically ios9 safari browser behaviour. I know there was a change to the iOS browser and the ui-minimal appearance so could this be the cause here too?

I can’t find anyone else mentioning this issue so it’s maybe something i’ve done, however i’d appreciate any insight you experts might have on this.

Relevant code from index.html:


Relevant code from home.html (the page shown in the screens):
<ion-view title="Olympic Experience" hide-back-button="true" id="home" class=" " cache-view="true"> <ion-content padding="false" class=""> <ion-refresher pulling-text="Pull to refresh..." on-refresh="doRefresh()"> ... </ion-refresher> </ion-content> </ion-view>

Ionic v1.2.4

Nav bar visible in portrait (ios9):

Nav bar missing in landscape (ios9)

As a comparison here’s the same view in iOS 8.4 - nav bar is visible.