Nav back button on every view


Hello all !

I wish I could show the « nav back button » every time for every view. In my case, I have a « picture details » page, and I can come from many views of my app to this one.
For exemple, I can come from the « timeline page », the « profile pictures » page, and so one. the problem is that I can’t go back after clicking on a photo. Any idea how to do that ?



Hi, I’m, a newbie with this, but just solved a similar problem the other day, may be of some help - look at the end of my posting:

If you are using tabs, it seems that each tab has it’s own independent nav history - basically the tab gets you back within states of the tab you are on, but not back any state within another tab (maybe someone else will say I’m wrong, if so listen to them!)

I assume you have seen this?