Native webrtc Plugin for ionic

Hello, we currently want to move away from native mobile apps in favor of ionic platform. Currently we use webrtc for making peer to peer calls in Android and iOS apps natively. We also have webapp and pwa developed, which we are porting into ionic. Webrtc works fine in chrome browser in Android, but works sometimes in Safari in iPhone. But best bet is to use native webrtc Plugin in iOS. If we move to ionic can we use native plugin instead of using web version of Webrtc? Did ionic allows to package custom native plugins for the platforms.

Webrtc needs to have special permissions needs to be taken for using mic and. Camera. If we use webversion does ionic takes platform permissions? We don’t want browser permission popup to be shown for location (gps) and mic access and rather use through installation process native permissions to be used to access underlying permissions.

Also, do we need to use ionic web components to Port jQuery website to ionic? Can we just add top level ionic container component and use rest of the existing webapp itself? How does screen to screen transition happen, we use jQuery # approach to go from one screen/view internal appt navigation, do we need to change all that code ionic way of doing things? Do you have porting guide to Port existing webapp to ionic?

Appreciate some guidance before porting our webapp to ionic.

@srinivasuk Hi were you able to find any solution? My web app works fine with webrtc, but it throws error for media permissions in android. Though I have allowed all permissions.