[Native Push, Android] Custom Notification Sound/Logo with Firebase

Hey there!

So I’m developing an app for Android and iOS and make use of the native push module with the cordova-phonegap-push plugin. So far it works nicely as intended, but always shows a white notification icon and doesn’t seem to care about the custom notification sound I want it to play.

When I initialize the Push Object with the PushOptions I set the sound and icon there, I tried a whole lot of different ideas to make it work, but had no luck at all. I’m probably missing something obvious and just can’t figure it out.

I also didn’t find anything useful on the web to resolve my issue.

I’d be thankful if anyone could point out what I have to put as value into the sound and icon parameter to make it work. Also where the audio file and icon image would have to be stored, path wise. Right now I have them in the “src/assets” folder.