Native Printing No Longer Works for iOS

I have an application which previously printed to a label printer just fine before. The user selects the printer, the IP address is saved and destination url generated. They request a label, the print plugin sends the PDF of the label (web application path) to the device using the stored printer address URL and things were working. Now, same app, same printer, no dice. I can print fine from other apps, so I know it’s not a problem with the devices or comms.

Debugging using a simulator shows that the print request actually never returns (error or otherwise).

This initial post is to learn if anyone has encountered any known issues with AirPrint URLs or other changes to iOS that may be the cause. Is it a WKWebView issue? I’m grasping for anything. 120hrs sunk into researching this already. I can provide more detailed technical info as requested.

Thank you.