Native Plugin Local notifications alternatives

I am looking into the Local Notification native plugin as I need such functionality. But the plugin seems incompatible with >= Android 8 according to description and last commit is 4 months ago and author seems not responding on issues since quite a while.

Does somebody know any working alternative? I don’t even need so many features the plugin has. All I need is a possibility to schedule local notifications with simple text which can be tapped on and the app opens. Only thing I need additionally is support for re-occuring events every day…

Any good alternatives?

P.s.: Also the ionic native wrapper is incompatible with latest plugin version in some places, but until now I was able to just surpress some typescript errors in my test which made it work (at least on my device).

P.s. 2: I was until now not able to make the app open once the notification is tapped…

Hm nobody using local notifications in his app?

I’ll jump in as I’m looking to move away from that plugin. It basically causes more issues for my app than its worth. Works well for Android 7 and below. It does work for android 8 and 8.1 but has a huge amount of force closes and crash reports on Android Console… Don’t pick this one

I’m looking for an alternative for this. I have a simple reminder which has worked well with this plugin for years, but it doesn’t support Android => 8, it’ll cause you headaches with crashes.

If anyone know’s a good way to send push notices or a better local notification plugin, I’m using Parse, please let me know.

Hi @jasonandress

any update what to use for local notification for 8.0,8.1,9.0 i am using cordova-plugin-local-notifications can i know any other option

Abhisheker varma

I’m actually still using that plugin. Check the issue I started in the github repo for the fix. Making those changes resolved the crashes for Android >8.

May you share the link to the fix? I couldn’t find it on github. Thanks a lot.

Here’s the issue i had. This plugin has the AssetProvider as {applicationId}.provider as well as another one of my plugins FileProvider as {applicationId}.provider. That caused the crashes.

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