Native Media Playback Issue on iOS


I am having a weird issue on iOS.

After I record audio using the Ionic Native Media plugin I am unable to play back the audio using the HTML5 audio API (WavesurferJS or HowlerJS).

If I close and reopen the app the sound will play. It is also bit weird that I can play it without closing the app if I play the audio simultaneously through the native Media plugin.

Any thoughts or direction is appreciated.



Is there any error logged when issue appears?
Could you give an example URI where you saved the audio file in ios?
How about in android?

I haven’t had chance to test in ios, but in android when playing audio with native Media plugin, the file path needs to tweak as this.recordPath.replace(/file:\/\//g, ""), otherwise it won’t recognize the URI. Does this apply to your problem?
ref: [It is the same for ionic]


Thanks, I already tried that.

I think this has more to do with the audio file not being released from when it was recording. If I close and open the app and try to play the audio using the same path it plays fine.