Native HTTP fails when pausing the App

Hey there,

i’m using the native HTTP in my App and everythink worked fine, but yesterday I found a bug.
When I’m leaving my App during a http request and maybe open another app, the Request failed after I open my Ionic App again.
The logged Error is:

   "status": -1,
   "error": The operation could not be completed.The software has caused a connection abort.
(Translatet from German)

Any Ideas how to fix that?

I’m testing in the Ionic Dev App.

Hi, rather than running on Ionic dev app, can you install the app, directly on phone and test it once ? I have been using native http from quite sometime, never encountered this issue so.

Okay doesn’t happend on my phone… seems to be an Dev App Problem

ok wow now it happend on my phone too…
Wenn I start the App the first Time it works, but if reload the Page then and pause the app it crashed…