Native date picker



I am implementing a date field for users to enter their birthdays and was looking for the datefield to use the native date picker to achieve this.

The field however pops out datapicker with today’s date and requires like about five minutes of scrolling to get to say 1982, the year which I was born as in the pic below.

Anyone know how to invoke a picker like the one below?

Here is what I have in my code

<label class="item item-input">
              <span class="input-label">Birthday</span>
              <input type="date" ng-model="intro.dob" name="dob" required>


Man, this plugin it’s perfect, use this.
You just have to switch between years and months instead, month for month.


@kaineo what are you exactly trying to accomplish by commenting to all the threads without any actual useful information?
It’s just weird…


You dont even know how to use a simple date picker, shame on you.
Just try to help, like other. Gud Luck.


If you create an input with type="date" the device will prompt the datepicker you want.

To prompt a time picker you can just use type="time".

Not sure about device’s OS version support, but I got it working on Android 4.4.

Angular docs about input[date]:[date]


I would like to achieve the picker on the left so that people can change years easily. I have edited above to show my code.


Well, type="date" has been working for me. What’s the output you’re getting?


This is the output I am getting on Android 6.0.1. The problem with selecting your birthday with this widget is you have to scroll from the current month back 30 years or so if you are as old as I am. I would like to know if there’s a way to get the picker with day / month / year dropdowns


Have you tryied to do as I said?

<input type="date">

How did it work?


Hi oedgar,

Also for the day, month and year dropdown you can review below mentioned URL

Hope these can help you achieving your goal.