Native Camera's FILE_URI URL on Videos Works But Not on Images


I am using native camera and I have this in my code:


However, I get:


It wont work inside img src="{{photoUrl}}". I would like to upload the file I selected from the photolibrary but the above is what I get. How can I show a preview and upload the file itself. It works for me with videos but not with images. How can I achieve this? I have searched on forums and tried different solutions based on the answers without luck. I hope someone may help. Thanks!

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I hope someone helps. :slight_smile:

Hello @junjunhernandez any news on this?

Hi @stefanoschrs1 Sorry for the late reply. I am not sure why I am not notified when you replied.

Anyway, I was not able to solve this so if anyone knows the solution, kindly reply. I believe many developers could get help from your answers. :slightly_smiling_face: