Native Audio AWS mp3 url not found

Event with a MP3 online, and setting isUrl => true when preloading MP3, on xCode i get : {“message”:“Asset Path is missing - aws.path/to/my/file.mp3”,“errorMessage”:"Asset Path is missing - "}

Anyone facing this issue and found a solution ?

More information is definitely needed to provide any help.

  • What plugin are you having an issue with? A url would be useful.
  • What kind of AWS mp3? Is it a URL to an S3 bucket or CloudFront?
  • What does your code look like?

Hi there,

Thanks for helping pointing out some potential solutions !

The capacitor-community/native-audio plugin doesn’t support HTTP as the audio source. I found this out when I tried it :slight_smile: There is also an open issue here.

For my use case, I ended up needing to create a custom local plugin. We have audio with background music (both being pulled from HTTP). On iOS, the only way to control the volume of the background music is by using native functionality.

I tested with Howler.js and (we use it for video) but there were too many issues with HTML audio playback. A couple things are managing audio interruptions (like a phone call coming in), background playing, and a live notification.

If your audio needs are fairly simple, you could check out GitHub - phiamo/capacitor-plugin-playlist: A capacitor migration of cordova-plugin-playlist.

In the end, you might need to create your own plugin if you have specific needs :grimacing: