Native app is sending header Origin:file:// which causes problems


I have started building simple Todo app in Ionic 1 and I discovered a problem with Origin header. (CORS related)

If i run

ionic serve

everything works fine in browser and i can make requests to my REST API on apache(tomcat). But when build my app for android or even in ionic viewer, all requests fail. Using a chrome debugger I managed to locate the problem.

Native app sends header

Origin: file://

which causes my server to deny requests. Seems to me that it should send correct Origin header with host. Screenshot with more details is attached below.

What can I do about that?

Found related topic here:

EDIT: Problem occurs when post, if I run ionic starter (tabs) template with only $'') added to controller.

Thanks in advance!

Same problem anyone? It is really bugging me. =)

I am facing the same problem. Found any solution to this?

No answers anywhere… =(

Somebody just posted here.

Did someone found a solution for it?


Is your server tomcat?

Hi, honestly it is not our service, and we can not ask to the maintainer this information. And also they answer checking the origin is a requested by RFC. So we have no way to resolve this on server side.

This is very frustrating

If ou don’t get a better answer: Just put a “proxy” service in between that fixes the CORS stuff if you don’t own the API.

Putting a proxy service in the middle would obviously work, and would be a solution but IMO it would be a bad workaround for something what should be handled from cordova.
Perhaps we can resolve it with native HTTP

I am also facing same issue, it seems a big issue with the ionic