Http Request Header Origin: file:// - Ionic webview

So, I’m super new with Hybrid App development just putting that out there. Anyway, I’ve been working on an App that connects to a 3rd party API, Using Basic Authentication. The Browser view being served over localhost works perfectly. However the problem comes when It’s compiled to which it uses Webview and the Header Origin is from file://.

This is due to the 3rd party API (Jira) I assume because of the “Null” origin of File:// - Tests done with Postman confirm this spitting out a 500 error if header is Origin: file:// - but spits out a 200 response if its Origin: file://something or null.

NOTE: This 500 error only shows up on POST requests gets etc seem fine.

My question is, Whats the easiest way to go around this? Some how modify the Origin header to force a non null location? I cant rely on Jira to fix this problem obviously.

So would like some suggestions.

Use the Ionic Naative HTTP module instead the angular’s http or httpClient modules.