My page's css file is not being activated in my modal page Ionic 4

In my modal page, the html of course is working but when i want to add my class from the page’s css file, it does not apply. This is how im creating the modal page and sending the basic css file that models the window. Function that creates the modal async openAddPlan() { // Function that opens Add Plan page as a modal

const addplan = await this.modalCtr.create({
  component: AddPlanPage,
  componentProps: {
    user_id: this.userId
  cssClass: 'modal-Plan'
await addplan.present();


.modal-Plan .modal-wrapper{
height: 550px;
max-height: 100%;
width: 900px;
max-width: 100%;
position: fixed;

the html extract from modal page

<div class="inlineBlock">
    <ion-select placeholder="Select Plan Type" [(ngModel)]="planObject.planName" interface="popover">
      <ion-select-option *ngFor="let name of planList" [value]="name.planN">

and this is the class i want to apply

    width: 10vw;