My my app default file opener for specific file extension


I was wondering, is there a way to make my ionic app the default file opener for certain extensions.
This way other apps can open a file and choose my app to open it.

Is this possible?

I tried searching the forums for the similar topics, but couldn’t find any, if they are there, just pointing me in the right direction would be great.

Here is a pic, an example, how do I get my app to appear here for certain file types


AI have found this post, maybe make my question clearer

How would I then open that file in ionic?

The way you phrased this sounds spooky, to be honest. Both Google and Apple are adding more security over time, not less. So even if it is possible today, it might not be possible tomorrow. I would avoid anything that doesn’t have an explicit user opt-in.

Thx for the reply, I have changed my initial explanation a bit, added a picture to show what I mean. I think this is a standard feature that many apps are using.

So I’m assuming it’s not possible to open files from external sources :frowning: