My ion-refresher is slowing my list transitions


Hello guys,

My ion-refresher is slowing my list transitions, when I have more than 10 items in my list loaded and touch the “< back” button it takes 1 second + to go back to the main list screen.
But when I remove the ion-refresher, I can have as many list item I want and the back buttons works fast like a native app.


Does anyone know? Thanks.


What version of ionic and what platform? We are using refresher with many more items with no issue. Everything on android is slow unless you use crosswalk.


My ionic app is using the version 1.3.19 and iOS platform.

This issue is happening in iOS too and not only android.

Btw, when I remove the refresher my list stays ok, or if I put a refresh button using ng-click everything works fine too. I really wanted to have the refresher, but first I need to resolve this issue.