My firebase database is suddenly unavailable

Cannot see my database on
also cannot access the database from my android app.

In my account I can see 6 other databases, but not that particular one.
I cannot find any email about the firebase db.
Also, As much I remember I didn’t touched firebase console recently.

Same complain I found from another person at StackOverflow

This app is live on play store. I am feeling helpless.
Can anyone get me any idea, what steps I can take to recover my firebase db?

1 possibility is that you reached your daily limit of read operations. Can you even access your usage data on firebase console?

Thanks @jaydz. But, I cannot even see my database.

Even though you deleted the comment, I saw it earlier. I would be just as frustrated. Very strange that this happened to you.


The problem was…
I was deleting some unnecessary projects at Google Developer Console. (not at firebase console).
And I deleted this project by mistake.

:heart_eyes: I got my database back. Firebase support was very helpful.
It is now ok.

I guess the solution is “dont delete your database” :grinning:

Nope… I didn’t delete the database. I deleted the project, outside of firebase console; through Google Developers Console.
So, the lesson is: We should handle Google Developers Console with care. :blush:

That works too! I actually did the same thing once. I was not thrilled by my behavior…