My $cordovaDialogs.alert is not working in my browser

.controller(‘LoginCtrl’, function($scope, $state, $rootScope, $cordovaDialogs, LoginService){

$scope.form = {};

$scope.submit = function(){

// TODO: Add some native loading

  && $scope.form.username !== "") 
  && angular.isDefined($scope.form.password) 
  && $scope.form.password !== ""){

    var str =;
    str.replace(/\s/g, '');
    if(str === "1")
      $cordovaDialogs.alert('Login success!', 'Login', 'Ok').then(function() {
        // callback success
        localStorage.setItem('loginDetails', JSON.stringify($scope.form));
      } else {
        $cordovaDialogs.alert('Storage is not defined in this browser. Please use other storage.', 'Login', 'Ok').then(function() {
        // callback success
  }, function(error){


} else {
  // TODO: Add native message box



why dont u use $ionicPopup?

can you give me some example for that? on how to use $ionicPopup in my code…

I think my problem here @harith5757 is that my code “if (str === “1”)” is not recognized so $cordovaDialogs.alert did
not execute…

can i know what is the response?

image this is the response after login… but then $cordovaDialogs and also the localStorage didn’t execute,

lol that is the header. i need the response… haha

the outcome after clicking the button login?

it is the response “1” because the headers look like this image


can console this one?

image this is the result @harith5757

      if( === '1'){
                 title: 'Login',
                 template: 'Success!'
            }).then(function(res) {
                $state.go('app.home')//u can change it here later

can you try this one? lol…

@Ro2loginid tnx for that sir but the ionicPopup.alert and $state.go didnt
execute but the response is correct…

tnx for that sir but the $ionicPopup.alert and $state.go didnt execute but
the response is correct…

you need to inject $state and $ionicPopup

Do you inject $cordovaDialogs?

yes i inject it… i think its a technical error…