Multiple views in a modal


Hi Guys

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to do multiple views inside a modal.

For example, I click a button to open a modal. The Modal contains 2 buttons and a content area, clicking each button changes the content in the content area in the modal.



hey you can use tabs


Thanks so much! Will give that a try.


You could use ng-show/ng-hide instead.

@ItamarCohen tabs shouldn’t be used in the modal, as it’s not really meant for that.


Yeah, I gave the tabs a try and it does not do exactly what I want it to do, it tries to take over the whole screen and it used the pane class and I started to get content hidden under other content and what not.

Ill give the ng-show a try tonight and see how it goes, think that will work best for what I need.


Yip, that worked a charm!


But for other guys and the future:

If you are at the point that you need multiple views (which are not realizable with tabs) in a modal -> you need to rework your ui ;).


I’ve gone with Ionics slide-box for multiple views in a modal. It gives the nice swiping effect aswell when switching between them and also works with gestures.