Multiple Modals Result Slow Loading on Android

Here’s something I don’t quite understand. The app I have developed is basically using the following structure: 44 slides, out of which around 31 have a modal each. Each slide contains chunks of HTML, and the modal as well. For having multiple modals, I have used the following example:

The problem is that after adding all these modals, it takes around 40s for the app to start on Android (Nexus 4 and Motorola Moto G). Takes around 7s on iOS (iPad Mini). What the heck could cause such a difference?

Did you test the app in Chrome too?
Did Chrome load the app slow?
Maybe you can see in developer console why?

Yes, I did. It loads in about 2-3 seconds.

Sorted. (not that anyone cares…)
Apparently having more ng-controllers with the same name in the same view has a disastrous effect.