Multiple instances support in @ionic-storage v.1.1.7?



I’m trying to add multiple store instances for db. From example:
import { Storage } from ‘@ionic/storage’;

export function provideStorage() {
  return new Storage(['sqlite', 'websql', 'indexeddb'], { name: '__mydb' }// optional config);

  declarations: ...,
  imports: ...,
  bootstrap: ...,
  entryComponents: ...,
   providers: [
     { provide: Storage, useFactory: provideStorage }
export class AppModule {}

How can I handle multiple tables inside __mydb ?


Ionic Storage is basically a wrapper around LocalForage. If you want your own custom set up you might as well use LocalForage directly.


And if you want multiple tables it’s probably not the right choice anyway. Look at something like SQLite, or PouchDB, or Dexie.


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