Multiple Infinite Scrolls, one view

Hi all,

I am trying to create a dashboard-like layout, displaying multiple lists in a singular view. I am trying to implement these lists with Ionic’s Infinite Scroll component.

Ionic documentation specifies that it is best practice to have one Ion Content per view. Furthermore, each Infinite Scroll component should be linked to a singular Ion Content. So my question is: How would one achieve multiple Infinite Scroll components in a singular view, using something like the grid layout system?

Even though I was able to achieve using multiple Infinite Scrolls nested in multiple Ion Contents in a single view, I am concerned about this causing problems down the line, and it’s already causing some unexpected behavior when scrolling. I am trying to achieve something like this, with each of the visible lists employing an Infinite Scroll:

Is there any good way to go about this? Or should I just stick to keeping Infinite Scrolls contained in separate views?


You should check out Ionic’s Split Pane. Mostly used for Menu’s i guess but should work here as well :thinking:

I’ll give the split pane idea a go! I honestly didn’t really consider it working for any other use cases other than menus.