Multiple Image Uploads with ionic?

Started ionic 3 two months back after creating the API for its development. i designed a multiples image upload on the api which accepts the images successfully for Example localhost/products/14/upload. of which states that product 14 accepts as many images as it can with file[] parameter in the api; but i have issues implementing it in ionic so as to meet the goal. i had checked online with tutorial on this but seemed difficult to execute. i would appreciate if i can get an assistance thanks.

Hi @Schneidershades,

have you find any solution to upload multiple images with filetransfer.
I am having same issue :cry:

Hello haven’t found any issue yet am stressed out finding it and its
getting boring working on the same thing over again. But if by chance I see
a solution I’ll let you know. Nice meeting you here

One standard recommendation is to use ng2-image-upload. Have you tried that and it caused you problems?