Moving to top of slide


in ion-slide-box when a slide is longer then the screen height and i scroll down and then go to next slide is positioned at that position what i mean to say is the next slide is not positioned from the start how do i fix this.


Without a code sample, it’d be tough to know and exact fix.

However, if you use the on-slide-changed attribute you can then tell the scroller to scroll to the top. Something like this:

<ion-slide-box on-slide-changed="slideChanged()">
    <div class="box blue"><h1>BLUE</h1></div>
    <div class="box yellow"><h1>YELLOW</h1></div>
  <ion-slide on-slide-changed="slideHasChanged(index)">
    <div class="box pink"><h1>PINK</h1></div>
.controller('MyCtrl', function($ionicScrollDelegate) {
	$scope.slideChanged = function() {


wooo! that works very well
also can you help me resizing the slide that is when a slide grows in length then other, the shorter slide takes the same amount of space as of the longer can you tell me how do i truncate that space