Moment.js doesn't get included in ionic

I use this repo I install momentjs by running npm install angular-moment moment --save. I can see in node_modules folder angular moment and moment are there.

I then follow the instruction include the js file like this

<script src="components/moment/moment.js"></script>
<script src="components/angular-moment/angular-moment.js"></script>

I also tried

<script src="lib/moment/moment.js"></script>

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only bower components are automatically installed in lib folder.

so add your libs as bower components in the bower.json:

bower install angular-moment --save
bower install moment --save

if you run bower install everything should be installed in www/lib/

Hello with Ionic2 beta.7 to install moment you can do

npm install --save moment
typings install moment moment-node --ambient --save

any source for this?

where is the source of this? I want to learn more.